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Shirodhara -- what to expect


Spa salon_ Beautiful Young Woman having Shirodhara - Ayurveda Oil Massage in India Spa Sal

Shirodhara -- What to expect

I like to make the session into a bit of a ritual, as Shirodhara is originally part of a 7-day ritual called Pancha Karma. And it’s the only part of the Panch Karma ritual that can be done separately from the rest.


So, I start by placing warm stones around you and massaging marma points (think: acupressure points) on the feet and face. This is to ground you and to start opening, cleaning and preparing the channels of energy and light in the body.


Then we take a slight “intermission” while I move into place the many tools that are needed for Shirodhara.


The Shirodhara itself is streaming warm oil on the forehead. For usually about 1/2 hour.

It seems basic and simple, but the effect is profound. It brings order to your brainwaves, which in turn then allows for access to the limbic system — where old emotions, traumas, miseries are held. These traumas then on their own gently pass out of the body. Little by little. With no resistance.


Generally, i ask people to reserve an hour and a half so that there’s no rushing or pushing or stress. That would work against everything that was being built.


So the time breaks down sort of like this:


Minute 0 - 10 — You arrive.  I explain what’s going to be done, you get changed and on the table


Minute 10 - 35 — I ground you, place stones around you, massage feet, face and head


Minute 35 - 40 — I set up the tools and supports needed for Shirodhara.


Minute 40 - 70 — Shirodhara (it might be longer. It may even be shorter, if necessary)


Minute 70 - 80 — you relax in silence as I clean up around the table


Minute 80 - 90 — I clean you up and get you ready to go.


That’s it.


Most people are amazed at how quickly it goes.

Where:  Ridgefield, CT area

How long: 1 hour and 30 minutes



(Currently moving to a new space. Please call or text for appoitment.)

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