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Meetup Group:
The Spiritual in Action

This group is about using practical tools to navigate the spiritual world and spiritual tools to navigate the practical world. So we can free ourselves from the harsh, heavy and negative chains that bind us. And build our lives with the health, wealth and happiness that we want.

Upcoming Events
in 2024

Elevate: An Energetic Coffee Break

Will be back in June

All events
are FREE

Getting What Your Heart Desires - 

Even if You Don't Know What That Is

Date TBA

Descriptions of Events


An Energetic Coffee Break

An energetic pick-me-up for your morning -- freeing your from negativity and lifting you to higher vibrations. We will center the session around the theme of the month. The more often you do these practices , the more effective they become.


Finding Love & Building Beautiful Relationships

Learn -- and practice -- what you can do to find love and build beautiful relationships.

Right here. Right now.

Small Green Plants

Making Room for Money: Building Abundance
Out with the Old, In with the New

It is possible to have more wealth, abundance and prosperity in your life. But it takes practice, focus and attention. Let go of old ways of relating to money, old patterns and beliefs and bring yourself into a new level of abundance.


More to come!

Every month we offer a 1-hour workshop focused on a theme.

Every Friday in that month, we do the practices from the workshop, to help you go deeper and get more rooted in the practice of raising your own vibration.

Upcoming themes:

February: Finding Love & Building New Relationships

March: Abundance and attracting money

April: Following your true, authentic, joyful path

* * * All events are free * * *

Bringing you the health, wealth and happiness you're looking for

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