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Shirodhara - Contraindications


Spa salon_ Beautiful Young Woman having Shirodhara - Ayurveda Oil Massage in India Spa Sal

Shirodhara - Contraindications
***Special Introductory offer: $50 off***



Do not do shirodhara if you have

  • a full stomach

  • recent neck injury

  • low blood pressure

  • extreme emotions, like rage, fury

  • severe anxiety, panic or stress

  • a brain tumor

  • diabetes

  • abrasions or cuts on the head

  • rashes on the forehead or scalp

  • an aversion to oil

  • a need to talk to someone during the treatment (this is a silent inner journey)


Do not do shirodhara if you are

  • pregnant

  • an alcoholic (presently)

On the day of your treatment:

  • do not have any alcohol before the treatment

  • do come with a comfortably empty stomach

If you have had any alcohol before the treatment,

or if your stomach is too full,

the treatment cannot be done.

Where: Ridgefield, CT area

How long: 1 hour and 30 minutes

(Currently moving to a new space. Please call or text for appointment.)

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