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The Feel Better Group

Practical and spiritual tools

for people who are changing the world

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Every day you step out to make things happen -- to be positive, beautiful, courageous. To live your best life. To be the change you want to see in the world. And hit the triggers, the challenges and old wounds that make you want to run back in and hide.


Don't worry.

I'm here to lift you back up.


Changing the world takes incredible strength, vision and determination. And you have it. But, we all can get stuck or overwhelmed or lost. We all have stresses and anxieties that can throw us off our game. Even the strongest among us need help, support and guidance from time to time. 

Come back to your peace, your purpose, your sense of prosperity, your power --  your path. So you can go forward with clarity, confidence and inspiration. To lift up the world in your own unique, beautiful, natural, playful, transformative way.

"It takes time and dedication to master most of the spirituality-based energy healing techniques. Lisa with her decades-long experience has managed to distill down those complex techniques into easily manageable steps. Indeed, so easy you get it the first time and feel the positive impact they have on you immediately".

- R.D.

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