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Blog Reboot

I put up this blog earlier this year and wrote a couple of posts and then couldn't stand writing "into the void." Which was basically what it felt like. So I stopped.


One day, I had this thought: I need to write a practical-spiritual advice column. I didn't overthink it, or imagine the many ways it could go wrong, I just pitched it to my local paper. And of all things they said yes.

I started out by taking these posts and re-writing them to fit into a local newspaper vibe. That worked for a few issues. Now I'm in the wild west where I actually write new things every month. Oh my goodness!

So, I'm replacing the old blog posts with the articles I wrote and then I'm going to keep adding a new article each month. It's so exciting.

But it's still me.

And I'm still doing this because I hope that what I have explored and experimented with will make life easier and more enjoyable for others. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that the things I screwed up could be used to help others NOT screw it up.

Mind you, sometimes screwing it up is really the way to go, so let’s not completely trash that idea.

But there are times that replacing many years of being confused and lost with only one year of being confused and lost really does make a difference.

You only live today once. You cannot redo yesterday — believe me, I’ve tried. Somehow there’s a magic in keeping another from getting into the same existential pickle as you have been. So, here’s to hoping!

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1 Comment

Irene Terem
Irene Terem
Apr 11, 2022

Loved it--- Lisa, you are so good at so many things---- i know that from working with you at the Women's center. So glad to see you have kicked this off. You are the epitome of positivity and joy. I will be reading and listening.

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