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The Feel Better Group

You're going to feel better soon

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1-Minute Better

M, W, F 

8am Eastern Time 
Available through Instagram and Facebook

First 3 weeks of every month (1st - 21st)

  • Instagram
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What Is 1-Minute Better?
a simple, easy, fun minute designed to help you feel better
not in 5 days or 5 years 
but now
using tools and techniques from around the world
gathered over 4 decades
delivered 3x/week
the1st-21st of each month
for free
to you

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Used to hanging?

I see you. You're in pain, exhausted, frustrated. Maybe a little lost. Maybe a lot. And, maybe you've been here so long, you've forgotten how good it feels to feel better.


You're not sure how to get out, get back or move on. You may not even have the energy to look for the way forward anymore.


You're not alone.


My grandfather used to say, "You get used to hanging if you hang long enough." Maybe we've all been hanging for too long now.


But, you don't have to hang any longer.

If you don't want to.


Take the Path to Feeling Better

You, nor I, nor anyone else, can control the events in the outside world -- no matter what the superhero movies say. Yet, we all can learn to control the events in our inner world. This is the only true safety there is. And the key to it -- in its most basic form -- is in deliberately choosing to feel better.

Now, you don't have to always be happy or positive or smiling. That's not even possible, and you would certainly lose your friends if it were. But you can get yourself used to feeling better and then practice making choices in your day that will bring you more "feel-better" results.

That's how it all starts. How you can take back control of yourself, your life and your inner perspective.

And it only takes 1 minute to get started.

By starting with 1 Minute

In 1 minute, you can

  • unplug from stress and anxiety

  • step back from the grind mentality 

  • stabilize your feelings and energies

  • consciously choose what you want to focus on.

This will give you a chance to start on the road to a more conscious, aware and self-directed life.


And by doing that...


You will feel better. 

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Why 1 Minute Better?

Feeling Better



like piano



                                                    or yoga 


                                                         or love 

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In Choosing to Practice

Feeling Better

You reclaim your power

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Watercolor Butterfly 2
Watercolor Butterfly 2

One Step at a Time

which leads to another...

leads to another...

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1 good decision...


1 Minute sets the tone for your day

So, say goodbye to the crappy, sucky, chaotic misery of a lost year. Or a lost you.
And become unstuck, unstressed and un-overwhelmed (is that a word?).
Do it because you want you back
Do it because you want your control back
Do it because you want your fun, inspiration and let’s-get-out-of-the-house energy back
And, Yes
You’re allowed!


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