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The Inner Circle

Sitting on a Bench


Life can feel out of control 

when you're juggling so many things

you can't find yourself in the chaos.

And your promise to yourself to be more spiritual gets lost.

Step back from the day for just 30 minutes - 

take a breath and




with what inspires you

with your true purpose

your true path

via zoom
Zen Stones

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This is an opportunity for you to step back from your busy life and reconnect with yourself on all levels: body, mind and soul.


We'll do some light movement, breathing and writing as well as mind-emotion rebalancing.


All in 30 minutes.


So you can get re-centered, re-inspired and back to what brings you life.


Click on the button to register.

The link will be sent to you on the morning of the retreat.

See you soon!



Ps Don't forget to bring a notebook and pen!

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