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BOTA Tarot Ancient Wisdom + Shirodhara


Dark Ocean

BOTA Tarot Ancient Wisdom + Shirodhara

Return to beauty, balance and order.

Get the wisdom, understanding and healing of the BOTA Tarot along with the deep serenity, rejuvenation and grounding of shirodhara. 

You will not only understand the spiritual principles and practical processes needed to be able live your path and purpose, you will also have the profound experience of peace and balance necessary to put those principles into action. Together, they will awaken and activate within you both the intuition -- higher guidance, inner wisdom -- and the faith and courage needed to live according to your wisdom.

This combination is particular helpful when you have a strong challenge in front of you or you could use powerful support in all forms.

Where: Turning Point Healing Arts Center

100B Danbury Road

Suite 101

Ridgefield, CT  06877

How long: 2 hours, 30 minutes



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